March 14 eclipse astrology

In the week ahead he is turning around and moving us into new or next level stories. Mars rules our passions, anger, wars, deisres, motivation, and activities and he's moving into Libra, the sign of partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, competitors, opponents, advocates, and balance.

He hasn't been here in 2 years, things are going to get fired up. Tune in to hear how it lays out and impacts your sign.


It's been quite the year with these two at each other and now they meet with their last challenge. Saturn goes Direct, ending months of slowed down energy when it comes to our personal goals, career, status, fame, or dealings with authority figures, and we now see things moving forward here again. This is huge because we will immediately start to see how big this is going to go as Saturn is on his way to share the same degree in Capricorn with Pluto by Jan 12th and change everything.

We also have a Full Moon bringing something to a head with secrets, deceptions, addictions, water or chemical issues, karmic scenarios, romance, artistic pursuits, spiritual practices, institutions, investigations, or research in our week ahead. We also have Mars gearing up a couple day to make things happen or deal wtih anger or passion about the work, health, pets, paperwork, hired help, or co-workers. We also have 2 planets moving into Libra which starts to put a lot of focus on partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, competitors, or other key players.

So, tune in, hear how it impacts you! I'll be looking at key days in our week ahead for your sign, breaking down the astrological influences by day and planets. The week ahead holds a lot more personal planetary energy behind our Virgo interests and will get us busy and moving things forward with some pretty great days to look forward to and one challenge. Tune in to hear how it impacts your zodiac sign! The personal planets are very active in our week ahead from Leo and Virgo so we can expect to be busy about these topics as well.

Mercury finally joins Mars, Venus and the Sun in Virgo and we are all in.

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Tune in to hear how it impacts your sign. Mercury is busy this week in Leo and Mars, Venus and the Sun all head into Virgo, so there's a lot going on for everyone in the week ahead.

Eclipses of the Moon

Tune in to hear how it may impact your sign! It's a big week for us astrologically as 1 Jupiter ends his months of Retrograde and goes Direct in Sagittarius for the last time until the year between now and Dec 2nd. Mercury heads in Leo and we wrap up the last of the Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow-moving forward over the things we released, rekindled or reworked during the actual retrograde.

Uranus Retrogrades, easing up on some of the unpredictable, crazy changes that have been going on with income, purchases, possessions, or products. And we have a Full Moon in Aquarius where things are wrapping up, ending, celebrated, or achieved with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, aspirations, or original projects. Yep, tons of new and culminating scnearios to look forward to, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! Tune in for a look at your astrology sign and the horoscopes for the week ahead with Zoe Moon. We're covering Aug It's our last week of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and our last week of July, what still needs to be left behind, rekindled from the past or reworked in the ongoing situation?

Mercury will help rethink things while Venus takes up new residence in Leo and starts a new chapter with love and income, women and beauty interests. Mars is quite active here in the week ahead stimulating lots of passion or anger and motivating us to do soemthing about love or income, women or beauty.

While the Sun goes at it with Uranus for some real shake-ups, shockers, surprises, or excitement. Tune in, here how your sign sits in the mix. While Mercury was Retrograde in Leo each astrology sign was reworking, releasing or rekindling things with lovers or children, creatie projects or recreational pursuits in different areas of life. In the week ahead Mercury REtrograde heads into Cancer and we now turn our focus ro what is exiting, what is returning from the past or what is being reworked in a present situation at home, with family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, real estate deals, history, ancestry, country, security, or emotional needs, and this as well will be playing out in a different area of life for each zodiac sign.

Tune in to hear what to expect, the key dates to expect it and how long you'll be dealing with this round. Lunar Eclipses are emotional and bring things to a head in a way that is 3 times more powerful than a typical Full Moon. Venus will also be active this week so we can expect to have a few days where love or income, women or beauty interests are a bit more compelling. Tune in to hear how this may impact your sign! Mercury Retrogrades in Leo this week and meets up with Mars so we are going to have some real activity with our exit, return to the past or reworking of ongoing scenarios and Leo themes.

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Mars will then go on to challenge Uranus on Wednesday which is highly charged up and a shake-up, shocker or sudden change. The Sun and Venus are also busy this week in Cancer so we will have an equal amount focused on home and family, parents or roommates, moves, renovations, or real estate deals. Tune in to hear how it all plays out and impacts your astrology sign! The astrology in the week ahead is powerful.

Planetary Trends for December 12222 by Belinda Dunn

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer giving us a major boost forward wtih home, family and other Cancer related topics, perhaps eclipsing out something in our effort to move ahead. We have Mars heading into Leo where he is going to heat things up big time with lovers, kids, creative ventures, or recreation over the weeks ahead.

We also have Venus changing signs, heading into Cancer where love and income flow, women and beauty interests, will be more emotional, nurturing, needy, or about home, moves, renovations, real estate deals, family, parents, or rooomates. Tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! Our astrology for the week ahead is about the Sun's move into Cancer kicking off the Summer Solstice and a new day cycle that spotlights our invovement and needs at home, with family, the roommates, moves, renovations, real estate deals, or parents.

Mercury is also changing signs, heading into Leo where he'll tourn the next 12 days until he Retrogrades in this sign on July 7th so we are starting to get our preview regarding talks, meetings, sales, agreements, writing, interviews, short trips, or decisions about lovers, the kids, a creaitve endeavor, or our recreational pursuits.

Venus is also very active in the week ahead so we know there will be a lot going on with lovers or income, beauty or women.

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

The week ahead brings Mercury and Mars into actiion with Destiny and Karmic scenarios, as well as wtih Saturn and commitments, endings, structures that support, responsibilities, limits, and ambitions. It's one whopper of a week. Overlaying this we come to the Jupiter Neptune square which is a big background configuration perfecting in it's challenge to us to expand our beliefs and grow via legal, travel, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political topics, while dealing with a retreat, recuperation, secret, deception, addiction, institution, investigation, clandestine romance, artistic interest, spiritual practice, the research, or the magic.

We then hit the Full Moon in Sagittarius which brings things to a peak via an ending, celebration or achievement as emotions crest. We then have the meet-up between Saturn and Neptune, again a major influence for our year, happening in this big week and this one opening doors between personal goals, career or authority figures and these artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, research, investigational, secretive, deceptive, addictive, or dreamy topics.

Tune in, hear how it all impacts your sign! We still have New Moon momentum in Gemini in our week ahead as well as both the Sun and Mercury moving us forward with personal involvement and amplifed talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, offers, short trips, moves, local activities, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and choices.

The Man of Signs (Zodiac Man)

Now, Venus joins the story, so we see love or income interests, women or beaty pursuits, launch into these areas of life which should help smooth out issues, attract more pleasurable experiences and make it more enjoyable. We will also have some active Solar days, when you will either be physically involved or focusing on your needs in the mix which I will address during the show. Tune in! We have a Gemini New Moon in our week ahead opening up all kinds of new opportunities for sales, writing, interviews, talks, offers, and more. We also have the ruler of this sign, Mercury, heading into Cancer where he'll be ruled by the Moon and her emotions, family interests, home, and property pursuits so it's going to get interesting.

Add to this some very powerful Venus alignments and well, we have a lot to talk about, tune in! I'm covering what is going on in our week ahead astrologically so tune in, hear how youur zodiac signs horoscopes are looking! Full Moons are emotional, Scorpio Full Moon's are tsunamis. We are reaching an epic peak with something herei in the week ahead and it's about financial, sexual, reproducitve, divorce, death, birth, triangles, jealousy, manipulations, power, or transformation.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Tables

So, expect to feel things building and for something to climax with big endings, achievements, celebrations, breakthroughs, wrap-ups, or finalizations in one or more of these areas. We also have both the Sun and Mercury heading into Gemini kicking off new cycles, with the Sun here for 30 days and Mercury here ntil June 4th. This is going to get us more involved in local activities or short trips, writing or meetings, talks or ideas, sales or more sales, interviews or auditions, or what's going on with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. In our week ahead Venus heads into Taurus and Mars heads into Cancer and we kick off two new cycles of influence.

Venus will slow down, seek more pleasure, want to build, focus on income, possessions, gifts, or purchases, while Mars will have a bit less ability to act in his 'fall' here but will want to take action, express passion or deal with anger in the home, about the home, with family, parents, roommates, real estate deals, moves, or renovations. Passion and anger are much more emotionally charged and criticism can really tank some of this so take it to heart.

I'll be covering how each sign will be impacted by these new cycles, key dates and the duration of how this goes. The New Moon in Taurus this year is looking very hopeful and positive, and it arrives in the week ahead. This is our cue to launch into new or next level opportunities with values, valuabes, income, or purchases.