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What Does My Past Life Analysis Have To Reveal?

Are eclipses to be dreaded? The Sun : The Sun signifies the father, the king, the government, the head of states, administrators and the ruling authorities.


The sun is also a signifier of the Self and responsible for the birth of a male child among many other things. The bad Karmas done towards the significations ruled by the Sun in previous life or lives will make the Sun work negatively for a person and its strength will depend on the extent of the bad Karmas done by the person. And its field of impact would depend on the field where the person committed those bad Karmas in his previous life. For example, a person who has kept on troubling his father in his previous life, is likely to suffer due to his father or he may not have his father with him for the most of his present life or his son may give him the same treatment that he gave to his father in his previous life.

It all depends upon what this person had done in his previous lives. Whatever he had seeded in his previous lives, he is supposed to reap in the present and coming lives.

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In the same way the person who was not fair to the government and cheated it with taxes and other kinds of frauds in his previous lives, is likely to be unlucky with the house of government in this life and may get punished by government in one way or the other. And in the same way the positivity and strength of the Sun for a person is related to the good Karmas done by him which influenced the fields signified by the Sun.

The large bodies of water like rivers and seas, the psychics and the healers are also ruled by the Moon among other things. The good or bad Karmas done towards the Mother or the mother like ladies in the previous lives decide the nature and strength of the Moon for the present life of a person.

Free Past Life Reading, Psychic Past Life Analysis

In the same way the good or bad Karmas done towards large water bodies would decide the nature and strength of the moon for a native. The good or bad Karmas done to the persons, places or things ruled by Jupiter in previous lives would decide the nature and strength of Jupiter for the coming lives. And the field of impact in the present life can indicate the fields signified by Jupiter which were affected positively or negatively by a person in his previous lives. The people who used their force and strength to get something by wrong means, the people who used their strength to suppress other people, the people who killed or hurt people by using weapons, the people who kept on troubling their brothers and friends throughout their previous lives are very likely to have a strong negative placement of Mars in their horoscope in their present life and are likely to suffer the similar consequences.

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  5. And on the other hand, the good deeds done by a person in his previous lives towards the people, places or things ruled by Mars would result in the positive placement of Mars in the horoscope of that person in his present life and the positive results would be seen in the fields which were closely and positively touched by that person in his previous lives.

    For example, if a person was very good to his friends in his previous lives and did whatever he could to help them, he is very likely to see a rise in his present life which would come with the help and support of his friends. Such friends are very devoted ones and even face the death that comes towards this person as they are indebted to this person for so many lives.

    Bad Karmas done by a person in his previous lives towards his daughter, sister or cheating in business, deceiving people using the skill of speech are the general causes for a negative placement of Mercury in the present life of the person. A growing number of astrologers have begun to look at our natal charts as they would an evolutionary organism: as a picture of an energy which is moving through time, growing and changing with each new natal experience.

    A few astrologers have developed what they believe to be a valid way of viewing the natal chart so that it displays the steps of this evolutionary process.

    Past Life Analysis

    This view of the birth chart helps to explain, for each individual, those experiences, feelings, knowledge, and skills which seem to be unexplainable, when only a traditional view is taken. A Past Lives personal report is a window letting you look backwards, across the spectrum of time, in order to view the foundation of who you are today. This is an interpretation of your karmic development, as viewed through your own personal natal chart. No, it will not tell you whether you were a Napoleon or a Josephine, exactly; it will, however, tell you the what, or substance, of who you have been, and how past experiences and events have helped to shape the —you— that exists today. These revelations may answer questions that have long troubled you, and perhaps help you unlock potential that, although you have felt it for some time, you have never realized in your present existence. Regardless of what you learn, it is an adventure you will enjoy and remember for a long time. Pro Package Home Business.

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